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We are sure that we will put up some news in the near future.

Here are some pod casts by our family members. Most of them are devotional renderings. All are uadelterated by the noise of instruments - just plain human voice.

Please feel free to download them. More will be put up here.


Murali & Sundari

Nagendra & Sarada

Ravi & Laxmi


Suklambara Mantra Pushpam Sree Rudram Achyutham Kesavam Achutham

Software Estimation for dummies Measuring customer satisfactioni Rama Sthuthi software estimation complexity / density

Sundari1 Mangalam Lakshmi Ashtakam

10th Dec 2010 - Murali Chemuturi is elevarted as Senior Member of IEEE - USA

Pravachanam of Murali Chemuturi on Sarga 27 of Sundara Kaanda

27th October 2010 - By the grace of Lord Sri Ramachandra, Nagendra & Sarada are blessed with their first child on 27th October 2010. They named him Seshu Krishna Dattatreya Chemuturi.

1st May 2010- By the grace of Lord Sri Ramachandra, Ravi & Laxmi are blessed with their first child on 1st May 2010. They named him Jagat Krishna Chemuturi.

My Mother's pod casts -

Maha Sankalpam Mom2 Poems

Sister Bharathi

Bharathi Chandra

Sister Suseel