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Bammera Pothana is the poet who translated Maha Bhagavatha Purana into Telugu. Why is he relevant today?

Pothana was a Brahmin who lived during the 15th / 16th century of common era. He transalated Maha Bhagavatha Purana into Telugu. There are many people who belive that his version is better written than the original text. It is not an exaggeration to say that every educated person whose mother tongue is Telugu would be able to recite atleast one poem from his work.

The king where he resided requested Pothana to dedicate his work to him. In return he promised to shower Pothana with riches. But Pothana refused! Instead he dedicated the work to Lord Rama!

Let us look at what is involved in dedicating the book to the king. Pothana had to pen one poem on a palm leaf that the book is dedicated to the king. Instead he penned many poems why he would not dedicate the book to the king. Instead of one dedication palm leaf, Pothana created many palm leaves refusing dedication.

If Pothana dedicated the book to the king, he would have received money and given power by the king. Because Pothana refused to dedicate, the king confiscated the book of palm leaves and buried it in a graveyard. Pothana died of illness caused by the act of the king. His disciples approached a neighboring king and with his help, defeated the erring king and retrieved the buried treasure of the book.

Pothana was ready to die rather than aiding and abetting the scoundrels of politicians.

Now take a look at the Brahmins of today - we are ready to perform any nefarious act if money is promised. This year (2009) Rama Navami was celebrated on Dasami at the behest of the government. What was distressing was that scholarly Brahmins came on television and justified the act.

Can we redeem ourselves from the lure of money and act ethically conforming to our sacred texts and not abet the self seeking politician scoundrels?